Serious about hygiene and makeup clean

Seriously avoid sharing !!! I see so many artists and hear so many stories about using the actual applicator!!!STOP now if you’re doing so ! example the actual mascara brush 😷 NO!!

EBay sell heaps of disposable stuff lip wands, mascara wands, spatulas etc Even if a clients eye looks fine doesn’t mean they aren’t carrying any germs or bacteria! Lip wands from the actual lip product NO!! You’re also double dipping what residue stays behind after that one time application you’re putting back into your lipstick tube ! 

Concealer brushes that come with the product it’s easy just squeeze it out and use a makeup brush, if someone has bad skin and use this how can you think it won’t transfer on to someone else’s clean skin? Remember these clients will remember Or ones that are alert will anyway! 

Keep clean people!


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